Had to make a trip to labor and delivery


All morning i had been out and about taking care of a few things and stopped off to have lunch with baby's dad (we currently aren't together) everything was going great him and i got to discuss a few things mostly about him being so distant and finding out that hes having alot of anxiety over the baby (his first, my 3rd) while im use to being a parent hes obviously scared out of his mind but i explained that its normal to feel the way he is and it normally goes away once the baby gets here. So anyway after lunch i dropped him off at his place and started to head home when all of a sudden i was in pain now with this being my 3rd pregnancy i wasn't sure what was going on but i knew i definitely wasn't in labor so i called into work for my afternoon route (im a school bus driver) and after i called work i called the doctor and left a message. I decided not to go home my parents place was closer to where i was so i went to talk to my mom. My mom also knew i wasn't in labor but we couldn't figure out why i was in so much pain i seemed to be having contractions but they wasn't intense like labor and they were very irregular so i thought maybe it was just really bad Braxton hicks. The doctor had finally called me back and i explained what i was feeling and i was told to drive to the next town over about 20 minutes away to the labor and delivery there because just incase i was in labor that hospital had a better NICU since im 34 weeks. So my brother drove me over there while i was on the phone with babys dad, he seemed very concerned so i reassured him that i definitely wasn't in labor but if that changes i would let him know i figured he works overnights so he might as well rest until we know whats going on. Once i get there and all hooked up to monitors baby was doing well kept kicking the doppler that had me laughing because of the sound it would make lol. I was definitely having contractions tho but they wasn't strong but were noticeable the doctor comes in and said they want to check my cervix and OMG did that hurt that probably hurt just as much as labor was a little shocked to hear i was dilated 1cm but the doctor wasn't concerned considering my cervix was still extremely thick. So they ordered iv fluids and a shot to stop the contractions, this shot made me shake and made baby so hyper she was doing back flips my belly was moving and the nurse was like WOW! Shes definitely active. So after about 4 hours they finally let me go home and it turns out i have an irritable uterus, i never heard of it never had a problem before but i guess with it being my 3rd and im in my 30s something was bound to be different with this pregnancy. So now im supposed to rest this weekend and return to work on Monday drinking lots of water and i have to buy a small fan for my bus to keep cool. Ugh these last few weeks are going to definitely suck for me 😔😔