Things are seeming to work out.

Alyssa • Mommy of the most perfect little boy! 💙

When I was younger my parents fostered my dads young step siblings. Eventually they got older and moved out and we lost connection. They weren’t treated right by my parents and neither was I.

We connected years later and I’m super close to who we will call Sallie. She is having some relationship issues with her husband and no matter what I’m supporting her and rooting for her, they recently decided to try to fix things and so far it’s working out.

Well my family completely gave up on my pregnancy after begging me for a year to have a baby. I finally got pregnant and they all fell back into some deep hole of not supporting me anymore but Sallie has been absolutely amazing in being there for me.

She had a daughter last year and I’m pregnant with a little boy, but she gave me a car seat, base and stroller, a bassinet, breast feeding items, a breast feeding pillow, blankets, towels, clothes and a few more items. She has been nothing but amazing. Some of the items have pink on them and she thought I wouldn’t want them, but what’s a little pink?! It’s just a color!

I am beyond grateful for her and she will always be my family whether she’s blood or not. She is my best friend, my sister and my biggest supporter.

Sorry for the random post about this I’m just majorly in my feelings today and I’m feeling extremely grateful towards her.