Feeling down ☹


I was told by my management today that i received a promotion for management i applied for, despite the fact that I'm going on maternity leave next month until november. They said they are not worried about it and think its best for the long term that they chose me. However, a female i work with is now mad at me/management because they decided to choose me even when they know i will be out for 3 months. She said its not fair and was a stupid choice because i wont be here, and she should have been chosen because she will actually be here, and she never calls off and i have called off due to my pregnancy. She just kind of railed into me for a solid hour about how she deserves it and i shouldnt have gotten it because i am pregnant.. kind of ruined my whole excitement for the news of the promotion. I even apologized and acknowledged how hard she works and she still told me thats why she should have gotten the job ☹ just kind of a bummer

She also said she is going to write a letter to hr because of how unfair it is, and she will go above hr if she has to, to make her point known