My boyfriend


So my mom owns a bar, my boyfriend works there, my step dad came in the other night and was talking about the band we have booked for our Halloween thing. Conversation turned to Halloween night plans, and my step dad said my boyfriend should come drink a few beers with him and pass out candy. He was all for it and then stopped and said, "Oh my God I will be a DAD by Halloween." Our baby is due October 17th, so if she comes on time she will only be 2 weeks old. I just thought it was adorable, and I can't wait for him to be a dad. He's the absolute best, and while for a lot of women the conversation would have led with the baby being here already, I felt it was less expected for him to think like that. I underestimated him! He's the most incredible thing and I am so lucky to have him. Right now he's driving me to get tacos at 9pm and pretending he can sing 😂 I am grateful. Be grateful for your good men!