Girl Family name! (Spelling)

M • Married 9-09-2017 TTC for Baby #1 🙂

Although we aren’t expecting (yet) hoping this 4 total but first round of 100mg Clomid works!

We have been playing around with some names.

Hubs Grandmothers Name is Carol I also have a aunt who’s name is Carol. Both of these people are very special to us and I think we have pretty much set our hearts on Caroline BUT we want to use the nick name Cara/Kara

I personally would love to spell it Caraline or Karaline but my husband isn’t convinced. He thinks that if we change the spelling and don’t use the actual name “carol” in the spelling then they would feel as if we weren’t really naming them after them.

So I guess I’m just here for opinions! Also open to any other spellings or ways to use the name Carol.