i left..

On May 18th, I hung out with my friends brother in his room and he started getting super touchy and I was crossfaded. Before I get bashed for going in there it was a usual thing because I was going through a lot and also have really bad sleeping issues. During the event I pushed his hands away, moved away, left the room, said no, etc etc. After that night I talked to him about it and he apologized and said he didn’t mean to make me uncomfortable, I was just going to move on and forget it happened basically.

Then it continued to happen.. most times when I wasn’t sober. one of my other friends and I told my friend about her brother and she talked to him and he apologized and said he thought of us as sisters.

Most of the incidents I told my boyfriend about and one of my boyfriends close friends and I were talking about it and he said the next time it happens her brother was going to get hurt.

Last night her brother started throwing raspberries at me and I picked up the first one and said ‘you’re causing problems.’ and he said ‘I know.’ then I threw it in the trash so I wouldn’t give him a reason to throw something at me but he threw another one at me and I said ‘Don’t throw raspberries at people.’ and he said ‘I don’t throw them at people, only you.’

Now it’s the next day and I’ve left my friends house and I don’t plan on going there for at least a week and I don’t know if I’ll be spending the night. But i’ve left and i’m proud.