I’m upset and scared

I lost my virginity last week, and it was really good. But now I stressed because the guy I did it with took of the condom, and I’m scared I might be pregnant, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t nutt, but idk. And ever since it happened I can’t stop think about him and what happened. And I really want to talk to him but I also don’t want to see his face. And we agreed to pretend like it never happened but I’m worried like people already know. And I don’t even like him, like that. Like we’re just friends. But he posted something about his wce and idk who it is, but every time I think it’s someone who isn’t me, I feel up set. And I feel used and abused. But like when it Happened it was good and everything was great. But now idk and I’m stressed and I’m scared.

Also he doesn’t want to talk to me because my brother found out and he threatened to fight him if he talked to me again and etc. so every time I text him he’s always acting distant or straight up saying don’t talk to me, so that’s also part why I’m upset. And I have like a million questions and I just need someone to talk, but idk who and I just don’t want to make them mad at me cuz that’s like the only thing I want to talk about right now. So yeah

Also idk if this matters but I’m 14 soo 🙈