I’m not the type of woman that my boyfriend is friends with

My boyfriend has a lot of female friends. They’re all the types that are gorgeous, cool and collected yet still fun to be around, and VERY confident to the point that it’s intimidating. Some of the girls he is friends with are kind of b*tchy and self centered, and I don’t really get along with them.

I am in no way a gorgeous, cool, calm and collected woman. I get carried away a lot when I get overly excited, and I can sometimes be very emotional. I’ve gotten over my self esteem issues and now I’m a lot more confident than I was before, but I still have doubts and get jealous because of my insecurities. I am also very spontaneous, but I’m not sure what my boyfriend thinks about that. Sometimes my boyfriend says that I embarrass him at times for being too loud and drawing too much attention to us because I get carried away. I’m working on trying to be a bit more calm in certain situations and being more confident with myself , but I sometimes wonder why my boyfriend decided to date someone who is so unlike his female friends. And sometimes I wonder if he just likes me for my looks and because I have a high sex drive, because when I ask him what he likes about my personality, he just says it’s because I’m nice and approachable and funny.

What do y’all think??