Freaking creepy weirdo.


So let me start off by saying that , I apologize if this gets long.

Now. There’s is gas station right by our apartment and well we go almost everyday. They just recently hired some chick and in my honest opinion she goes to work looking very unprofessional meaning she always has hickeys on her neck and she has a staring problem when she first started she just wouldn’t stop staring at me and my fiancé. now some workers there know me and we get along very well so they know they she shouldn’t mess with us. I never told the workers to say it. They just did it on their own. she ONLY LOOKS AT ME every time I walk in she stares at me. About two weeks ago my bf was paying for my drink and he said something I didnt hear cause I was across the store choosing my drink but I heard her start laughing . Everyone knows every girls laugh.(or I might just be paranoid) she had the flirty laugh I looked at her like if I was giving her a warning. She got the memo and took her eyes off him and got serious.

NOWWW let me tell you how I dress. I dress differently everyday. But my main look is either a wavy hair or a bun.

-When I wear a bun I wear my glasses basic nerdy look. With a little bit of makeup.-

-when I wear wavy I wear a hat sometimes basic athletic look with more makeup-

this chick wears ALOT of makeup. And always has her hair down and very straight And obviously her uniform so one day me and my fiancé walked in and she instantly looked at me. She examined me like I could feel her eyes on me(CREEPY) so I turn around and I realize she has the hair style like mine

( the beachy wavy look)

I’ve never seen her wear that. So I didn’t think anything of it. Now few days pass by and we walk in again and the BITCH had her hair as a bun and THE SAMEEE GLASSES AS I DO I told my fiancé and he looked at her and he freaked out was liek”wtf babe is she trying to look like you?”we both wer thinking it. We than grabbed our things and went to go pay and AGAIN she was staring at me SHE NEVER TOOK her eyes off me.i ignored it cause I was just creeped out because I felt as if she has a thing for my bf and she is trying to look like me so she can get to him.

THIS IS SMALL ass town so word goes around fast. And this chick is known to try to date a lot of guys .Liek I said she goes to work with a lot of hickeys.

I told my family about it and they think she is weird cause last time they went to visit me and my fiancé and we took them to the gas station and they also noticed she was staring at me But they didn’t acknowledged it at first.until I told them. So far the people I’ve told. They have told me that there are people crazy like that.

Now I’ve seen criminal minds. And LET ME SAY RIGHT NOW THATS HOW SHE LOOKS. And acts. She is awkward I don’t know if some of y’all know what episode I’m talking about but it’s when Reese finds a girlfriend and she gets kidnapped. But her ex’s boyfriends ,girlfriend.

I will add on and say that she isn’t the only one. There was also a girl before her that she would stare so hard and she would just follow me with her eyes.

I think this is all creepy what are y’all a opinion. Do y’all think she’s trying to look like me?

Do y’all think she doing this to maker my fiancé notice her? Ps. I do trust my fiancé he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize our relationship especially because he saved me when I was homeless and alone. He loves me and he shows everyday by annoying me and doing so many little things for me.❤️

But anyways please give me y’all opinion!!🙏🏻