Furthest I’ve made it

AJ • Expecting #2, 12/6/21 🌈 Baby Girl born 2/19/20 💕 2 MC: 10.5.18. & 3.25.19

I’m almost 8 weeks. With a living baby. My previous two pregnancies I should have been near 8-9 and each time baby had stopped closer to 6.5/7. Both started out with slow growth or low heart rates...

I’m hopeful this time is different.

This time is a new pregnancy. I keep telling myself that.

This time, we saw a fetal pole at 5+2.

This time we saw growth the following week and a heartbeat.

This time we saw more growth and a strong heartbeat at 7+2, 147.

This time is different.

I can be strong and try to let myself enjoy this pregnancy and hope for the best. Every time I start to feel a little sick, I don’t get mad. I embrace it. I embrace the symptoms. I cherish the symptoms actually. It means that I am one day further.

Here’s to my potential and hopeful 🌈 💓