Daughter is making herself sick

Rosie • Ultrasound tech. Wife and a mumma to 4 girls ❤ all under 2 years old!

For the last month my husband and I have been putting out 11 month old daughter to bed and doing the controlled crying method. She was fab for the first 3 weeks. Would only cry for 10 minutes and then go to sleep. The last week she has been working herself up into such a state at night she screams until she throws up. I end up changing her bed about 3 times a night due to her being sick. Has anyone got any advice on what we can do? All she wants is to get into bed with my husband and I but with a baby due any day now, it's really hard to get any decent sleep as she constantly moves and kicks us

UPDATE: so tonight we gave her a nice warm bubble bath and read her a book like every other night, put her in her cot and she became hysterical again. Threw up and was screaming. I went in and held her whilst cleaning her bed and floor and telling her I'm right here. I sat with her in her bedroom for a little bit and then put her back to bed with a bottle. She cried for a further 10 minutes and then went to sleep. She's a very needy baby which we don't mind about. She's only a baby for a short amount of time, but night time I feel like she has to learn that she has to sleep in her own bed. Me and her father need time together too.