Irritated 😣

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Before I start my post do anyone have problems with their mother in law?

My husband had kids before I married him two to be exact and it’s been hard trying to see them since we been married.

Their mom who I think is bat shit crazy told him he can’t see the kids unless he come spend the night with her (we are married) and her kids will never have a step mom. I should understand because she was there first that is supposed to be her family.

She say a lot of out the way long story short but my mother in law basically took her side over her own son saying that she was right and have every right to feel the way she feel and that she should go back to her so he can see his kids everyday.

Btw I been ttc since April of 2018 and she make rude remarks like if I want kids that bad go have my own then say I forgot you a can’t so leave mines alone.

Any advice on how I should handle the situation????