Ordering a bridesmaid dress when pregnant

So I’ll be 8 months pregnant at my sisters wedding in January, I need to order my dress next month and I’m uncertain how big to go, I’m only 2 months along now and not really showing. We are ordering from a place that offers custom sizes so instead of picking a size I need to provide my measurements for them to make the dress to.

I know everyone carries differently but if someone of similar stature of me knows how many inches their belly was at 8 months it would be helpful for me to estimate.

Pre pregnancy I was 125 lbs 5’6” with a 27inch waist, I have a longish torso, I’ve never been one to put on weight super easily. I’m probably low to average fitness level, I don’t have crazy abs or anything

I’m thinking to maybe put down a 45 inch waist? Then add 2 inches to my current bust and hip measurements, does that sound even close?