Horrible day.


It's days like these I really struggle. We normally don't leave the house unless it's going to be under an hour because he is always fussy after being awake an hour. But today we left for the city (2 hours away) so I can find fancy dresses for my friend's wedding.. including bachelorette and rehearsal dinner. Because I get so anxious breastfeeding in public I brought measured containers of formula and water in bottles to mix when needed. Well we were at the mall. He ate the bottles and eventually had a quick nap in the stroller.. then woke up hungry again. We looked everywhere for a nursing section in the washrooms (this mall is massive, btw), and had no luck. So my husband rushed to find bottled water. We fed him and he's still crying.. I'm guessing he was not happy with all the noise. So we left. Not a single dress bought. Her wedding is in three weeks and I have nothing suitable to wear for those two events. I don't fit into my old dresses. And after today's events I'm really not looking forward to the flight back home with a fussy baby. I just want to cry. Why does everything seem so impossible with a baby?