Need some explanation

I’m probably going to sound kinda naive, but I am new to this TTC journey, so let me just apologize first upfront if my question is silly!

I had a positive opk last night. Well, I couldn’t BD last night because my husband got home from a trip at midnight. I had to pick him up from the airport and well, we were both too tired to try. I woke up this morning and got another positive opk. Didn’t log it on Glow.

A few hours go by and we had sex around 1 this afternoon. I took another ovulation test and it was what I would consider still positive but instead of the test line being darker than the control, it was pretty equal in color (wishful thinking?) but definitely lighter than the prior 2.

My question is, did we time sex at a good time? Do we still have a pretty good chance? Should we have sex again tomorrow?

Thanks friends!