Best Friend’s reaction was... not what I expected!


I need help with this one lol. I’ve had the same best friend for 25 years. We’ve been through sooooo much together. She’s about 4 months pregnant right now. And we have another best friend that is about 4 months pregnant too. They’re like 2 weeks apart. They literally announced their pregnancies to us/me a day apart from each other. When I talked to my BFF after, she asked me how I was feeling... I told her it was crazy but I was soo happy for them! She shed a tear and thanked me for allowing her that moment.

I had been thinking about babies for at least a year before any of this... but I didn’t know when I was going to be ready. After my two best friends said they were pregnant, I felt like what a better time than now! To have that support system that I’ve always wanted. My fiancé really wanted a baby for the longest time, so we decided to start trying.

She had her concerns, and she was honest to me about them. She wanted to make sure I was doing it for the right reasons... and I assured her I was. It seemed she accepted that answer. During her pregnancy so far, I’ve done everything I can to be there for her. She’s told me that I’m like her biggest cheerleader. And a while ago I said “I wish I was pregnant with you!” And she said “there’s still time!”. She even asked if I wanted to borrow a book for BEFORE you get pregnant.

Yesterday, after 3 months of trying, I’m pregnant. I can’t believe it! So I FaceTimed her... her reaction was... not excited. And cold. She was cold. I later called her back crying, and told her how much it hurt me. She said “I have mixed feelings. I just want to make sure your doing it for the right reasons.”

As my best friend, I feel like she could have put that aside for a min and been happy for me. Not only because I’m pregnant, but because it’s also a really scary thing for me too. 10 years ago, I had a baby. She passed away when she was a month and a half old, and my best friend was there for me during that time.

Do I let this go? Do I say more to her and tell what a selfish thing it was that she did and how she acted?

Also... I feel like ages might be important here. We’re 32!

UPDATE: Our friend talked to her some and it’s definitely a jealousy thing. Which is a shame. She hurt me beyond belief, and I feel like I definitely need to take a step back. I can’t and won’t let anyone take my joy at such a wonderful and also scary time for me. Thank you all for the responses! I appreciate all of your advice.