Truly thought I was finally pregnant😞

Ugh I’m so sad! Today was supposed to be the last day of my period and I had completely missed it. This has been the longest amount of time I have missed my period throughout this long 11 month journey of me and my husband TTC so I was really excited and hopeful that this was finally going to be my month. I even took a pregnancy test on my 3rd day I was late, came out negative, didn’t want to give up because I was so convinced that I was pregnant, so I was going to wait it out a few more days to take another one. but tonight I noticed some dark brown spotting and I still kept positive because I knew that if it wasn’t red blood I should be fine and I still had a chance, but then I just now went to the restroom again to double check and now I’m seeing a little bit of red instead of brown so I went ahead and put a pad on so I would be prepared for my period 😔😔 ugh this is so hard who knew it could be this difficult to get pregnant 😞 hopefully soon my time will come.