I wanna hear your thoughts ladies

So, my topic is basically wondering what you ladies think about playing hard to get/sitting back instead of chasing. When you get the vibe that your boyfriend, husband, is losing interest. Obviously the thing you do first is communicate. But after the endless chats etc if he is still not giving it much effort. What do you do? By the way I'm not asking for advice I'm just curious how different people deal with this type of thing. In my own personal experience I found that by putting myself first and not being at his back and call made him want me more. Being more independent and happier in myself made him take notice. I'd love to hear what you ladies do/would do

*I'd just like to clarify, this is not something I'm going through I was just interested to see how different people handle the same kind of situation. By chasing I didn't mean play games or anything like that. I should of maybe worded it differently. I suppose I was just curious to see the difference between an independent strong willed woman compared to someone who gives their whole attention to a man, just to see how the relationship worked out. Like statistically