Should I stay or go 😞


Okay so me and my ex were together for almost two years when we were together I broke up with him because his baby mama kept finding ways to get my number and use a fake app to pretend to be me and text her phone saying I was threatening her and their son which I would never do I don’t care for her enough to have a conversation with her

So we broke up for about a year and we both had kids and we started talking as friends we were both single and it’s like things picked back up where they left off the drama started again and I usually don’t backtrack in my relationships but something about him is so worth fighting for

He’s been around my son and I’ve been around his daughter and I’ve only been around his son when he was a baby he’s 4 now so now isn’t a good time because he’s understanding things and talking she’s even went as far as changing his password on social media and pretending to be him and talking to me then tries to call me dumb or desperate

I love this man with everything in me and whenever we talk or were together the feelings are mutual and it’s like we never broke up

What should I do