So the past few days i havent been feeling so well, my back moller has been hurting and i have been having morning sickness, my boyfriend goes to work, i was working but when i got pregnant i started feeling so sick, but i have brought in money to support myself and help out. I have been taking care of my 3 year old and my 2 neices (ages 3 + 8) for the past few days while there mother is at work.

So ive been getting up early to go get them, i havent slept well these past 2 weeks tossing and turning all night long cant find the best position, and thismorning i finally slept in till 11 when my boyfriend says oh are you just gonna sleep all day if you actually got up and did something you wouldnt feel sick.

First of all if anyone knows what its like from a prior, or current pregnancy when it comes to morning sickness or even the discomfort of sleep youd know. He is so insensitive when it comes down to me, and he acts like he could nap all day but o cant because i need to go do someyhing

My first night sleeping all night and i get woke up with a attitude. So now im gonna leave and go enjoy my day alone