Lost 2 babies in a week 🌈

Hannah • Mommy to 2 Angels 👼 💜💚

Hi all, I want to first clarify that since I haven’t been able to conceive, I’ve been treating my dogs 8 puppies like they’re my own babies. I deadass ordered a puppy stroller and everything, which is why this is so hard for me right now.

On Monday we went out to grab a bite to eat and hit the grocery store. All was well when we left and all 8 pups were behind the gate in the kitchen.

Well, somehow one managed to escape. She was my husbands pick of the litter. Unfortunately she never stood a chance against our other big dog.

It wasn’t the big dogs fault, she’s never been around small animals before, and supervised she does great. I think she just tried to play a little too hard (which is what I’m trying to convince myself of). I walked in to my living room with Piper just laying on the floor like a rag doll. I literally haven’t slept since.

Then last Saturday, another little puppy, Dahlia, had what seemed to be an upper respiratory infection. We tried an antibiotic, which didn’t seem to be working, so they prescribed a new one the following Tuesday. I held her all night and sang to her to help her feel better. She always slept in my blanket right there on the floor. They PROMISED me she would be okay. I woke up on Wednesday morning to discover she was struggling to breathe. She couldn’t stand up.

I rushed her into the emergency vet again, and this time they came back to tell me that she needed to be put down. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard. They told me it was Distemper.

They suspect she had a low-immunity genetic defect that just happens sometimes, I guess. All my animals have had their Distemper shots, it’s a requirement to live where I’m living. The vet explained that sometimes one of them just doesn’t get the immunity passed on to them, and that makes me really sad. I could’ve done everything and it still wouldn’t have saved her.

So today both of my babies ashes came back to me, along with a paw print and some fur clippings. I sat in my closet for a few hours, just sobbing. I hope my upstairs neighbor doesn’t get mad at me.

Here’s some pictures of my puppies. RIH babies I loved you for the short time I had you.


The litter