I have a question but I can’t tell if I’m just dumb or not

So my boyfriend and I have been having sex for a year and a half. We always use condoms and he always pulls out and cums in the condom, no mess anywhere. Even with this, I notice that in the shower the morning after, there’s a LARGE amount of discharge in or around my vagina when I clean down there. It almost looks like cum but it’s the same consistency as my normal discharge. This happens every single time we have sex and I have very irregular periods and a pretty bad anxiety disorder, so sometimes my worries about this discharge make it hard for us to have sex. Is this discharge normal for after sex? We have used several different brands of condoms, latex, non latex, lubed, and not, but it happens consistently. We also know that the condoms do fit him well and there isn’t a problem there. What am I missing?