The Ordinary life of Prince Charming - scene 5


Finally, hours after dinner, Anne was ready to go to bed.

"I'll walk Anne to the guest house, why don't you get ready for bed" he said with that needy wild stare.

"Ok. Night Anne, see you in the morning! Hope you sleep well!"

We said our byes, and I walked up the stairs, thinking about this morning. I was holding on to the bed while he slammed into me so hard it was amazing. He is amazing. He was the perfect size.

I took a shower and put on my night dress minus the panty. If he's too tired and doesn't want to go another round, we can just go to bed.

That would be disappointing. He came up the stairs as I was getting into bed. The next thing I knew, he was taking his shirt off, and prowling on me for a kiss. "Oh I missed you so much" he whispered in between kissing me.

I grabbed his hand and let his fingers inside me. He worked me fast as I struggled to take his pants off. His chest was so bare and I could feel his heart beating fast.

He was already hard.

I started stroking him but this time his patience was thin. He pulled out of the kiss and leaned over to grab a condom. He put it on and slid into me and we both let out a moan. He started slow, and continued to move inside me. My mind was mush, it felt so good to take him in.

We went on slow and steady for a while. He kissed my neck and squeezed my nipples while still moving inside me.

It was the best feeling in the world!

I loved the slow motions because I could feel every single nerve ending taking the strokes.

He had his way with my nipples. He and I both quickly realized that that's what sent me over the edge.

His deep blue wild eyes were staring into me. "You're so beautiful" he whispered and kissed my neck.

"I missed you this afternoon" his silky voice whispered again. This was new. Does he talk during sex?

"I missed you too" I leaned up and pulled him in to a wild kiss again. Loved the feeling of him sliding in and out of me while our tongues sent electricity down my spine. He must love it too because now he was going faster and faster. I wanted to try going on top again but he started pounding. I held on to the bed while we both experienced a toe curling orgasm. I've got to stop my legs from shaking so much. I think it's a combination of my legs being up and open for most of the day while he slammed into me and the several orgasms I had.

Ultimately, today was the best day of my life. This man has satisfied me in ways that I never experienced before. In my eyes, he's the god of sex and I will worship him if he promise to continue to pleasure me to this extent.

I lay beside him holding his hand, thinking about how amazing he is.

We went on twice more before we could no longer move. I got my chance to be on top and I think I rocked his world. I love seeing him take me in. He closes his eyes like he loves the feeling too. I love watching him go over the edge, his expression is priceless and makes me completely and utterly in need of him.

I was hoping we'd try different positions but it was so intense that we just went fast and finished both times, once when I was on top. He held me by my hips and pressed down and I could feel him shoot up.

We finally wound down around 1am. I still had my night dress on. He was completely naked. He held me tight and we quickly fell asleep.