Low Sex Drive

My husband and I have been together since high school, so over 9 years now. Hes 24 and Im 26, so we’re still pretty young. Over the last year or two, his sex drive just has decreased so much. He rarely initiates but he will always comment how beautiful, attractive I am. Talk about my butt and boobs and all the stuff he normally does. But if I even try to show interest, a little flirting here and there, he pushes away. Like I can tell he is uncomfortable and not into it. He can go a whole month or more without anything.. and I will get to the point of being upset and sad, we’ll have a big talk, and then we end up doing something. Im also 6 months pregnant now and although he comments about how he loves me body all the time, I feel so insecure now about how I look. And Im extra horny all the time but he doesnt really react to it. What should I do?? Last night I tried to show him some sex toys I was interested in and he was just like, ok get them. And then that was it :(