Not pregnant

Has anyone else ever wished so hard to be pregnant, for it to finally be your moment to be pregnant and share it with your partner and your family. Instead I sit here and watch as all the people around me fall pregnant and get to experience something I’ve been trying so hard for, for so long.

It seems like it’s something that I’ll never get 😪

It’s been so many times I was so sure I was pregnant but everytime that double line never shows.

Ive now missed my period, & tender breast, constipation and a lot of white discarded and I have been trying hard not to stress myself out because I know it’s not pregnancy, I mean it’s been this so many times and I’ve always been wrong so why would it be any different for myself this time. I’ve built myself up that now I don’t think I’ll ever get to give my partner this magical moment for us to share forever.

What is wrong with me? 😢💔