Samantha • Mama to Leona Mae born August 12, 2019 💓 Baby #2 arriving September 2022 ❣️

Where are my August mamas who beat infertility or are having their rainbow babies?! Post your stories!

8 months ago today I got my first ever clear positive pregnancy test. My husband and I had been trying since January 1, 2016. It took a 2 years, 10 months, and 27 days for our positive. In the almost 3 years of trying we were misdiagnosed with PCOS, tried for 7 months using letrozole, had all the tests we could have done through my OB/GYN before seeking help from a fertility specialist. I met with the specialist for a consult on August 9, 2018 - my 28th birthday. We went through all the tests again with our specialist, he confirmed I did not have PCOS but he wasn’t sure what the problem was, now diagnosing us with unexplained infertility. There was one hormone that kept coming back consistently high so he sent me for an MRI to look at my pituitary gland. Through the MRI we discovered I have a benign tumor on my pituitary gland which was causing the hormone imbalance, causing my body to think I was ALREADY pregnant. So in our almost 3 years of trying - I was probably never actually ovulating. One month on a pill remedied the imbalance and we had an <a href="">IUI</a> procedure on November 15, 2018 and on November 25 and 26 I got my first ever faint line positive tests. I actually threw the first one away and later went back and got it out of the trash saying “there just might be something there”. I went and got a box of better than dollar store tests and on November 27, 2018 saw my first ever strong 2 line positive pregnancy test. I am now 12 days away from my due date. I have waited so long to be a mom, I can’t wait to meet my daughter and start this next chapter of my life. My due date is August 9, 2019 - my 29th birthday and exactly one year to the day from my first meeting with the fertility dr. The years of trying and month after month of disappointment was one of the hardest times I have gone through, but the coincidences with the dates are too much for me to ignore. This journey was leading us here all along for one reason or another.