8/13 baby came 7/26

Vickie • Mommy of 1 boy 💙 baby girl born 7/26 💝

My beautiful girl decided to come out 19 days early. I’m so in love all over again.

Labor was 17 hours of 3 failed epidurals & having high dosage pitocin. TALK ABOUT PAINFUL!! I went from a 6-8 in 1 hour then a 8 to 10 in 5 minutes, flipped on my hands and knees while everyone was saying not too, since my failed epi was still in & they thought there was any chance that it actually worked lol. But she was here in 2.5 pushes after beating on my husband and twin sister for 1 full hour.

6.4 pounds, 19 inches born at 37.3