Pile on anxiety and stress/ need to vent


I am being induced on 8/5 for medical reasons. I’ve been having back pain, BH, pelvic pain and pressure more often now in the past three days. I had back spasms yesterday with BH. My mother believes I have back labor and is making me worry about that. My grandfather has not been doing well and was in the er in critical care this morning and was put on hospice. My family runs a small business and due to medical reasons I have been on leave since 35 weeks( currently 37&3 days). We are already short on staff as I am the head cake decorator. My husband was supposed to have tomorrow off( also works at bakery) but is now on call Incase of death. My husband believes we should close if there is a death in the family but my mom never wants to close. This is all just added stress to me who is trying to relax and prepare for our baby coming into the world next week and I have been bursting into tears the past few days from stress. Also my blood pressure was elevated more than my normal but not in the high range at my nst today and even the second time the nurse took it. I called my ob and left a voicemail about what’s been going on( not work stuff) and never got a call back. So now I am worried and I just can’t relax.

Update: my grandfather has passed as of this morning. Husband is on his way into work so my brother isn’t at the bakery by himself. So I’ll just be at home snuggling with the dog.