Today began so rough for me , going back and forth in my head about staying with my unborn child's father . I finally got the strength and courage to pack my things and LEAVE !!!

After 11 months of the physical , mental , and emotional abuse , I had enough . I did it mostly for me to stay healthy and keep my baby stress free . It hurt me so bad just thinking of leaving the only thing I grew to know , but I knew I wouldn't leave this relationship alive if I didn't 😒 My best friend took me to a safety center to get a protection order & safe housing for the time being, so that's one less stress on me . I just feel so free and its amazing 😩 I thank God for this opportunity & I'm so proud of myself rn😭

Thank you all for such kind words πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ€— I'm in tears reading all of the sweet comments & support. I really appreciate it & its well needed at the moment. It is hard right now, as I expected, but I'm taking it day by day . Please keep me in your prayers !! Thanks lovely ladies 😘😘😘