37 weeks and threw up


I’m going to make a long story short. I ate something my stomach did not agree to. I ate some spicy chicken nuggets and they were so hot I chugged down water between each one of them. Like 4 cups and I believe it was the water that did me in.

I went to bed two hours later and felt nauseated and stomach tightening. I’m thinking Braxton Hicks but they would not go away. I walked and everything and used restroom. Decided to sip on water and lay back down and I got nauseated again. Whole time I’m thinking its just gas. By time I made it to restroom I threw it all up. The chicken and the water.

After throwing up, the chest pain, back pain and side pain went away and nausea and heartburn went away but the front of my stomach still hurts. Like it gets tight and release.

I feel fine besides that and I feel baby moving. It’s 3:30am where I’m at and trying to wait to see if I would feel all the way better in morning. or should I go to er for the tightness up front??