Teddy is here, and finally my mind is too.


So, this time last week I gave birth to a perfect little boy. However, I suffered a severe complication from the epidural (a puncture in my spinal fluid) that is medically called a Post Dural Puncture Headache- in layman’s terms, a debilitating headache. So for the last week I’ve been nursing my own health as well as trying to bond with my baby. It’s been rough. It’s been hard. It’s been the most challenging week of my life, as a first time mum and being bed bound in pain. I never had a rush of euphoria at his birth, I felt numb and paralysed before getting severely ill from the puncture in my spine. The only feeling I had was that of awe, and absolute duty to care for my baby.

Finally after 2 procedures to correct the pressure in my spinal fluid I’ve woken up myself today. I can now hold my baby without intense pressure in my head and actually look down at the little face I created.

I just wanted to share my story, in case any other new mummy’s felt as lonely and helpless as I did in the first week. But for now, here’s the first picture I took of my baby boy.

Love to you all, mamas.