He just doesn’t understand.

I have bad social anxiety and I had to pick up a prescription at the doctors office I waited until my partner finished work at 2pm (My day off) cause I don’t drive and we were going food shopping anyways, it’s not so far out the way either. Plus I wanted him to come with me because I struggle doing these things myself. So we are talking and he said “ok you go in yourself and I’ll wait so we don’t have to pay for parking” and I was like “well I don’t mind paying 50p for parking if it makes me feel more at ease” and he says “just go in yourself it’s not that hard” I just walked away and said “it doesn’t matter” he started to cuss as I walked off. He’s tying to use the excuse that it’s to save parking money it is literally 50p we aren’t struggling for money either. He’s went off in a huff, we aren’t going food shopping now and he’s not talking to me.

He’s going out of his way to make me feel more anxious for no reason, I’ve tried getting him to understand how I feel I’ve broken down in front of him and his response is “it’s not exactly hard to do the things you stress about”.

I don’t know what to do. It’s becoming a common issue that we can’t seem to work past. For a little bit of context we are together 4 years and have a mortgage in both our names. I’m just venting I guess.