I Am Not Evil


So My Boyfriend Told Me I Can Be A Negative Ball Of Energy And Search For Ways To Stay Angry.. And So Much More Came From His Lips!! I Didn’t Want To Break Down My Life Story To Him But I Think It’s Time I Do! I’ve Been Sexually Abused By A Few Of My Cousins And Even My Dad! Physically And Emotionally AND MENTALLY Abuse By ALL FAMILY and Friends! Female and Male. I’m So Use To Being Said And Crying. Sometimes I Treat Him Bad And I Had To Be Told So By My BestFriend. I’ve Been Working On Loving Myself! So That I’m Able To Show Love To Others. Many Think I’m A Wonderful Person That Gives The Great Energy Advice And Love When I’m Around! I Know I’m A Good Person I Just Have Insecurities And Messed Up Ways I’m Trying To Get Rid Of! There Are Reasons Why I’m This Way No One Has Ever Been There For Me! My Dad Died When I Was 8 Whom I Lived With! He Abuse His Girlfriends And Also Had PTSD From The Army. 1 Moved With My Mom Who Was Never Home. So A House Of 20 Being Alone To A House Of 0 Being Completely Alone At The Age Of 8 I’ve Already Been Through Hell And Back! Trust Me It Got Worse Instead Of Forced Abuse I Let People Abuse Me In Every Which Way, Bullied And All Was Even By My Teachers, And Boys I’ve Dated. All Being Said I Have To Recover My Entire Life Before I Meet Him! he’s Different He Really Loves Me We Have A Child Together Now.. Its Time I Choose Happiness And Learn To Let Go Of The Past So My Future Can Be Blooming!! I Wish I Could Publish A Book Of My Life There So Much, And I Know I Can Help Many! I’ve Never Told Any One Of This Especially About My Dad Because I Didnt Want To Ruin Any Ones View Of Him After He Passed Isn’t That Crazy.. And I’m About To Be 21 Next Month.. Today Is His Birthday July 31,1970.