Was I rude?

I’ve been fighting with my OB and MFM. I’ve noticed symptoms and tends that are the same as my last pregnancy. Well at 20 weeks and 3 days my daughter was born on 2/6/19. I haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone this week. So I told the receptionist that I need someone to return my call because “I refuse to call another fucking funeral home this year”

No one seems to care or understand. I’m quickly approaching 20 weeks, I’ve been having irregular contractions for weeks, my cervix is getting shorter by the week. My cervix is within normal range so no one seems to worry, or even notice.

Update: apparently I just had to be an asshole. I’m having an additional cervical length measurement today. Currently in the waiting room because, surprise surprise, I’m contracting and they can’t get the measurement. Luckily the nurse who I spoke to say on the phone with me and went through all of the cervical length measurements. I’ll update once I know how long it is and if it’s changed in the last week.