What else can go wrong?


To say we are struggling right now is such a huge understatement! Everything fell apart when I got laid off work. Everything fell behind! Electric, water, rent, you name it. I’m currently driving to work with my car giving me issues (got a new job) plus all 4 of my tires need to be replaced. They are so bad that I’m praying each time I drive that I don’t have a blow out. To make it even worse my electric got turned off on Friday and they want $850 to turn it back on. I’m asthmatic and so are 3 out of our 5 children. It’s over 120 in our house rn. You can’t even breathe in there! We have been forced to stay in a hotel with all 7 of us since then. We have to pawn both ps4s to pay for them night after night and my husband is now pawing one of our TVs so our kids can eat tonight. I tried to get help but I was told that since I actually have a house they can’t help us because we are choosing to be homeless. WTF??? I’m choosing to be homeless because I have to remove my asthmatic children from a house that they cannot breathe in because if they stay then they will end up in the hospital from an attack. Not to mention that all of our food is also now gone so I have nothing to even feed them when I do go back. This is just crazy to me!!! I never ask for anything from anyone and work damn hard to be sure my kids have what they need. This is just too much! I’m trying sooooo hard to stay positive but it’s getting hard to do. I know this is such a long post but if you’ve made it this far please just pray for us! Thank you.