Found some fur-babies

Me and a co-worker found some abandoned little kitties at my work. They were hiding under a delivery truck so we had to get them out. The one was relatively easy to grab. But the other one is quite sassy (probably because hes terrified) and decided the best place to hide was up in the spare tire. But we got him out. Now the problem is, I took the kittens with the Intention of bringing them to the shelter or a rescue or finding good homes for them. But they just rescued a bunch of cats from a severe hoarding situation so the local shelters are currently FULL of cats. I would love to find a good home for these babies instead of drive them to a shelter where they can be terrified all over again... but we cant keep them (even though my hubby gets attached way to quickly and my dogs would LOVE to have access to them to eat them). Any advice? What should we do?