So this will be kind of long. Hang in there.

My SO’s cousin called him today. I was sitting by my SO and didn’t hear the conversation just heard my SO saying (like he usually does) “I’m not trying to do that today Stephen” so I just assume it’s his cousin wanting to go somewhere or hangout like usual and him not wanting to. Which it turns out it was. His cousin wanted us to go with him to his aunties house for a bbq. I asked my SO “why don’t you want to go” he just said he doesn’t feel like it and I dropped it. Then his cousin proceeds to text him something along the lines of “You never want to hangout, I never get to see you. Shayla is always on your ass whenever I do” which is sooo not accurate. My SO has taken him places at night because his cousin didn’t have a car, which is fine cool but his cousin is notorious for taking forever to do ANYTHING. I mean this man moves slower than a turtle. There have been times when I did call my SO when he’s been gone at night taking his cousin somewhere for over an hour just to check and make sure he’s alright, especially when taking him to such and such place should only be a 15-20 min ordeal. I was never in any way mad or upset that he was gone so long just worried. Anyways I tell my SO “he just wants to see you, your like his best friend” he then proceeds to try to make it out to be my fault somehow why he doesn’t see him that often or hangout with him. I’m just irritated because every time his cousin calls him I never know what the conversation is I just hear my SO say he doesn’t want to do such and such. I don’t want any of his family thinking I’m the crazy girlfriend that wont let him go anywhere or do anything and I just feel like my SO isn’t setting it straight and I’m irritated. Probably petty of me to be as upset as I am but I love his family like my own and I don’t want an ill opinion of me. Am I right to be upset? Someone tell me I’m not trippin