Virgin and missed a period

Me and my significant other were hanging out (july 7 two days after my period ) and things climaxed I performed oral and he ejacalated in a towel.. and few minutes later he tried to enter me he didn’t and it was dry no pre cum or anything .I felt it . Later on he fingered me . Our hands were dry and my hands didn’t come in contact with semen. I went on two vacations later on and was fine until I got my pms which is usually bloating light cramps acne flare ups. I also have been working out the most I have been all summer doing 2 miles a day on treadmill in 20 min a day plus about 3 extra miles from malls (everyday we went shopping so about 5 a day ) then all a sudden I had to use the bathroom every morning I woke up and then I be fine. I missed my period and have been getting cramps. I read online and seen you can get pregnant even if ur virgin and never had intercourse but no wet sperm has touched me and have been stressing ever since to the point my heart beats faster and I get headaches. My last period was really heavy and usually when that happens I get a really light one and or skip.. I just need to know what’s going on why I am late and why the cramps and I have no discharge I went from a lot as usual for pms too little to none