CDH Baby 💔 please read

Kelsey • My angel Ivy-Mae Elva Waters 27/9/19-28/9/19 👼🏼💗

I had a miscarriage in September last year so was very excited when I found out in January I was pregnant. We waited for the 12 week scan and we were told she was perfect so we announced. 18 weeks we had a private scan and again no problems, we found out we were having a little princess. Then at our anomaly scan we found out our baby had a “mass by her heart”. This mass turned out to be her liver and she has a hole in the right side of her diaphragm. This defect is called CDH. The liver is compressing her right lung and making it significantly smaller. Survival rates aren’t amazing but outcomes are unpredictable. Our little girl might not survive after birth as her lungs might not cope with taking in oxygen...

I feel her kicking about everyday and aside from the CDH she is growing and developing perfectly. She’s active ALL THE TIME!! I just don’t know how to prepare for possibly losing her, she’s so precious to me and my SO. Just like any other rainbow baby. I am due to be induced next month at King’s college hospital in London ... I’m just terrified. I feel for anyone going through this at the moment 💗