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Sophie • 22/08/18 👼🏻 02/05/19 👼🏻 29/11/19 👼🏻 TTC🌈 👶🏻


ill give you abit of a background history

Me and my other are TTC and we become pregnant and i found out on the 17th march had my first ultrasound everything was fine baby eas measuring 6 weeks with a heartbeat came to april on the bank holiday, i had a little bleed so i rang the hospital and they gave a emergency scan and i found out that the baby had stopped growing and no longer had a heartbeat (10weeks pregnant) so they booked me in for another scan the following week to confirm the miscarriage and the next day i had the tablets to help the process going,passed everything within hours and i finally came on my period on the 24th june and came off monday just gone 5th August.....

im on day 2 of ovulation tests and this is what ive got!

(My first proper period since MMC)

The test line came up almost instantly does anyone think ill ovulate early (first time using them)

Then 4 hours later i decided to test again but with clearblue advanced digital ovulation test and i got a solid smiley face is it possible to ovulate this early?