Every other day? Is that sufficient?!!

Violet • TTC babe # 2! 💃🏼
Hi all! So this is our second month TTC. Last month we apparently must've done something wrong even with using Clearblue digital OPK. This month I hit my peak fertile day (according to my OPK) on Sunday February 16th. Glow was right on their estimation- they estimated the 16th being my most fertile day with a 33% chance of pregnancy. Hubby and I BD on that day, pretty much every other day during my fertile window this much. It's hard for us to do it every day and not make it seem like a "chore." The attached picture indicates what days we had sex during my fertile window. Do you think I still have a good shot? I know we haven't been trying long but this is getting stressful! Last month I should've just went to Costco and got an industrial size HPT. I seriously tested so much. Only to get AF on Feb. 1st. :-(​