Elective ultrasound?

My OB office doesn't do the first ultrasound or blood tests until 11 weeks. There's an agency in my area that offers elective ultrasounds, starting at 8 weeks with the heartbeat, and moving up with gender reveals, etc. They are approved and licensed to provide ultrasounds so it's not like an under-the-table thing. They also require that you have to have prenatal care before coming to get an elective ultrasound.

My husband and I went through many struggles with our fertility so we are talking about going for an elective 8 week ultrasound just to see the heartbeat and to give my anxiety some peace of mind since I would have 5 weeks until my first ultrasound at my OB. it's not expensive and I think that it would help me to not worry as much.

Has anyone else had an elective ultrasound? What was your experience?