Self inducing rant

I don’t understand it. I’m seeing a lot more women posting them trying ways to self induce. I’m hearing a lot about midwifes brew and castor oil. Midwifes brew has castor oil in it and still shouldn’t be tried. Doctors say you shouldn’t be trying to induce yourself before 39weeks when you’re full term. Between 36-39 weeks is when the most fetal brain development is happening. I completely 100% understand women being induced in a hospital setting before their due date due to gd or preeclampsia ect but doing it yourself because you’re tired of being pregnant or in pain or wanna meet your baby. News flash we’re all in pain the last month of pregnancy. Yes it sucks but don’t rush it before baby is ready. Let him or her make her arrival when they’re ready. I’m 37weeks and I’m in a great deal of pain with prodromal labor and tons of pelvic pressure but I’m still not trying anything until I’m cleared to try safe methods okayed by my doctor. Sorry I just had to get that off my chest. It makes me really sad to see so many mamas doing things at 35-36 weeks just because they want their baby. I think it’s selfish.