I honestly need some advice. Please help.

So I’m 20 years old and currently carrying my first baby with my boyfriend. I’m about 4 months along and had to stop working because for some reason I have faint spells and I just got exempted from working because I’m having other complications too.

My boyfriend is 22 years old, has never had a job & has always relied on selling weed from time to time but it was never a habit. I moved in with him to his mothers house because my mother passed away and she was my only family, literally. The rest of my family live in a completely different country and they don’t want nothing to do with me. (They have section 8 housing)

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 15-16 months. I have always been the sole provider, I always gave him money, fed him because he came from a rough background and at the time him and his mom werent on the same page. So again I provided for him for forever.

We weren’t trying to get pregnant, I was on birth control and he rarely ever came in me, it was honestly a miracle because I was that 1% that got pregnant. But, I accepted my blessing and continued.

For a while now, we have this issue.

Any money we get, our thing is we spend it on food for us. For example I get $100, I buy the food for us. But when it comes to him, his last priority is food for us. His number one thing that he needs to get whenever any type of money falls in his hands is weed.

When I found out about my pregnancy, I got him a great government job that pays good and I applied for temporary cash assistance because I was eligible considering I can’t work anymore. I got approved and get $290 a month. It’s not much, but it’s something.

My boyfriend has been working this job for 2 months and gets paid weekly. But guess what?

I haven’t seen any type of money brought to the table, where’s all this money going to? Weed.

He hasn’t bought the baby not even one thing and I know it’s kind of early but I have 5 months left & the things we have already are because of me. I got a baby crib, baby bottles & a 4 little outfits. Some days I will starve and literally throw up stomach acid because I’m so hungry and I can’t eat because he’s spent his paycheck on weed. Somedays I’ll find receipts in the car that he has went out to eat by himself and comes home lying saying he hasn’t ate.

I know i sound like someone who’s relying on their boyfriend for everything.. but I’m pregnant with his child and unable to provide for myself currently. I took care of him for a year. I fed him, clothed him, gave him a place to stay, bought him a phone, gave him money on the side because he was down bad and needed it. Now that he has a job, has vowed to take care of me and our child & hasn’t even put a dime towards even a plate of food in the past 4 months I feel like he should atleast be able to feed me.

Food stamps aren’t an option for me, I didn’t get approved because I’m getting that $280 a month.

What do I do about him or this situation?

I cant talk to him about it because whenever the conversation gets brought up he doesn’t wanna hear it and walks out and doesn’t come back for hours at a time. I’m just stuck.

I’m currently going on day 2 of not eating anything while he’s outside smoking away, I just feel like crying.