Etopic pregnancy?


Last week I went to the hospital because I had chest pain, and my left arm was completely numb, they didn’t do a pregnancy test (which is fucked up cus they gave me an X-ray) but they said I had muscle spasms, GERD & costochondritis. Later that night I took a pregnancy test & it was positive. About a day later I started having bad back pain only on one side radiating down my leg, I just brushed it off as sciatica Since I did start a new job which requires me to sit for 9 hours. On weds I had an abdominal u/s which did not show anything (which, they did not expect to see anything that early- according to my period I was 4w 5d) I started spotting pink discharge yesterday morning, it subsided until I again had MORE pink discharge this morning. As my day progressed I would wipe and nothing would show. As I tried to use the bathroom (been constipated for days) a little blood drop came out it was a bright pink, I wiped and a bunch of bright pink was on my tissue! Not red just yet but certainly getting brighter than the pale pink I had yesterday. I already deleted all my <a href="">pregnancy apps</a> and accepted the fact that this is my second miscarriage this year. But I’m concerned it might be ectopic (of course I’m going to go to the hospital- but I’m currently working right now so it has to wait until I get off) I was jw if any mommas went through something similar? Or if you’ve had an ectopic pregnancy what was it like? Does it sound similar to my story? Today would have made me 5 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby 😢