After suffering my entire pregnancy because of my hypermesis gravidarum never did I think that my pr...

Juliana • 31, Happily married 💍, expecting our first 👶🏻
After suffering my entire pregnancy because of my hypermesis gravidarum never did I think that my pregnancy would get worse. 
During my last month of pregnancy doctor discovered I had excessive amniotic fluid AKA Polyhydramnios. Which meant if i didn’t deliver naturally at 40 weeks I would have to be induced or else I could run the risk of: 
increased risk of umbilical cord prolapse, which is when the umbilical cord slips out of the uterus and into the vagina before delivery of the babyincreased risk of placental abruption, where the placenta separates from the uterine wall prior to delivery of the baby
To my luck, I had to be induced. At 12:30 noon i took my first dose of Cytotec. After only taking 2 dosages of Cytotec, my cervix started to ripen but i was only 1cm open. My water broke that same night at 10:30pm.  By 11pm I started getting contractions and by 12:30am I was almost 5cm open and requested an Epidural because my contractions were brutal. I was finally able to rest and sleep through the night. By 2pm the next day I was finally at 10cm open and I was ready to push. I was so excited as were finally going to meet our baby girl. I started practice pushing with the midwife when she told me that due to my excessive fluid, my baby’s head had tilted to the side. Which meant every time id push, baby would be hitting my pelvic bone. She said not to worry that we could reposition her using the peanut and pushing in different positions. I pushed side ways, on my back, on 4 legs and like a frog. After 3 hours of pushing, my baby’s HR was elevated. She had contracted an infection because she had pooped in the sac and aspirated on that contaminated fluid. I also had contracted an infection and fever because my water had been broken for too long but still NO BABY. By then I was exhausted. Midwife told me if I got off the epidural I’d be able to push “harder” even though I knew that was BS. I had already been pushing hard. I had given it my all. At this point it was clear that I needed a C-Section but I was hopeful that I could still deliver her naturally. C section wasn’t in my birth plan. So I got off the Epidural and started pushing for anther 3 hours. After the 6th hour I was DONE. I didn’t have anymore strength. Baby’s HR was still dropping and by now we needed an emergency C-Section. I had pushed a total of 6 hours just to find out that it was never going to happen. I wasn’t ever going to deliver my baby naturally. The doctor said that it was like trying to push a triangle through a circle. It was impossible. After my emergency csection I finally met my baby girl. She had bruises on her little face( left eye and nose) because of all the pushing i has done.  My poor baby kept banging her little face on my pelvic bone every time I’d push. The next night she was admitted to the NICU because her blood kept clotting so they put her on antibiotics. We were at the hospital for a total of 5 days. Needless to say it was a horrible experience and my first pregnancy, but i would do it all over it if it meant i had to bring my baby girl into this world.