Too big 🍆 ........ it couldn’t go in


Hi 👋🏾

So I tried out trying to have sex for kinda the first time and my boyfriend couldn’t fully penetrate cos it hurt me so much, he tried being gentle and rubbing the clits while easing in slowly tbh it was working cos he got farther than previous trials but it just gets tiring and uncomfortable 😣

After a while I just gave up on the trial for that day but the issue is two days later when I tried to pee, I felt severe pain down there and almost to my lower abdomen, I thought I had gotten a UTI at first but after a couple of days the pain reduced and I realised the pain was only on one spot in my vagina when I try to pee.

It’s over a week now the pain is barely there but I can still feel it when I try to pee, sometimes sharper than some other times.

I would go see a doctor but my period started 3 days back so I can’t go yet.

Just asking to find out if anyone ever experienced this and what they did about it?

The trial was enjoyable tho

Edit: He said I was so wet, he didn’t have to make an effort to penetrate, he said it literally just slips in but when he looks at my expression showing the pain, he stops.