Anyone switch from pumping back to nursing?


Okay. let me first say i hate pumping🙄. i Hate everything about it. ( this is my second daughter and i hated it just as equally the first time around) .

my daughter is 9 weeks old and i breastfeed her about 3 times a day and i pump about 5 to 6 times a day( 20-30mins each session🤦‍♀️ ).... if i dont breastfeed her she gets a 4oz bottle of breast milk...

Im tired of pumping and want to switch to maybe only twice a day ( morning and night) and nurse her through out the day .

♡Im wondering if my milk supply will decrease since i wont be emptying my breast as often because she usually just eats on one side).

♡ how do i trust that shes getting enough...... with the bottle i see that shes eaten

♡ also im worried that since shes not getting a whole bottle of milk she'll be wanting to nurse allllll the time ( including at night)

♡ also my let down is very forcefull...we both end up upset and covered in milk( this is the main reason i pump then bottle feed her. ... how do it deal ??? ive tried laying down nursing and its not helping .....

im not complaining... i just know that breastfeeding and pumping is hard work and can take a toll on a postpartum mommy.. im trying to be kinder to myself this time around and give myself a break( with my first i pumped and breastfed for 9 months...struggled and stressed with low milk supply and it made me so unhappy)

any advice ??? any switch from pumping back to nursing?