Officially nested


So I went through all her clothes and organized them. Washed everything that was new. Cleaned out the horrible closet lol which I would of did before and after pictures!! Wiped everything down and finally organized her diapers. I know I don’t have many diapers but that’s what happens when you have a girl lol everybody gets clothes cause they are cute!! The clothes hanging in her wardrobe are my favorite ones. One of my best friends made a bow to match EVERY outfit that she got her :D I love bows. It’s crazy cause I grew up a Tom bit and still some what am. I get my hands dirty matter fact I just cut grass this morning ( secretly hoping to bring in labor) but I want her to be so girly and have the cutest little out fits. Oh and in her room the grey isn’t that dark but it always turns out dark in pictures but I love her room. We painted all the furniture and it all cost me only 110. Just so ready for baby girl to be here. Officially 39 weeks.