Am I in the wrong?

My boyfriend has a friend named “Keith”. Keith is a pretty newish friend for my boyfriend, and I don’t like him.

My boyfriend keeps trying to make me meet him or go on double dates with him and his stuck up girlfriend or to hang out with him and won’t leave me alone about it.

I’ve never talked to Keith, but I went to school with him and saw him around. He screams fuck boy and he seems like a bad influence. The people he hung around, and the way he presented himself, I don’t like at all.

My bf told me Keith’s body count is 60+. That alone is pretty disgusting, but I also remember a rap song he had a “verse” in on this Facebook video a few years ago. One of his lyrics was “gave my girl that dick, next day fucked her little sister”....

My boyfriend also told me that every time he goes out with Keith in a group “he gets in trouble”

And when they go out with just them two, they get shit faced drunk. He actually told me he can’t go to Applebee’s with me because “he may have embarrassed himself there” from being drunk.

Anyway, tonight after work he begged me to come over but I felt sick. Eventually I agreed then he said “hold on Keith is calling.” So I was like oh great.... so I went ahead and got up and showered and got ready, then he texts me and says “want to go to Keith and his girl to eat?”

I just want to go off right now. I can’t tell if it’s my hormones from my new birth control or my period trying to come or what but this will be our first argument if I feel like it’s warranted. What do you all think?